• With excellent mechanical characteristics superior to the most part of the common and best steels and with a specific gravity of 4,5-4,7 gr./cm., it is possible to realize products lighter and more resistant than those today used.
  • Where there are masses moving at high speeds the use of titanium parts is winning.
  • His resistance to corrosion is superior to any other metal and so it is immediate to think that titanium is the most suitable element in the medical and pharmaceutical industries or whenever you work in an aggressive ambience.
  • Titanium and its alloys are suitable for continuous working at high temperatures up to 700°C. Its low coefficient of thermic conduction makes it particularly indicated for those equipments which work in contact with high temperatures as engine parts and turbines.
  • Another very important characteristic is its complete amagnetism which allows its use in specific fields

Titanium srl Casting Department
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